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Short flights from Toronto to anywhere in Europe

I'm having a hard time trying to find short direct flights to intriguing places in Europe from Toronto. Other than Paris and London (which are obvious choices), I'm looking for short flights to places that are worth going to for a week or so. We have an infant and love to travel. It's just less stressful for us when we're in the air for the least amount of time possible. We went to Paris over the holidays and it was wonderful, so we're looking for our next desination that's even faster than that 7.5hr flight. I've thought of Dublin and Porto but can't seem to find any direct flights. Does anyone have any suggestions on great places to go on the European Atlantic coast that can be direct from Toronto, Canada?

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Try Air Transat. They fly to numerous European destinations out of Toronto, including Vienna, Brussels, Edinburgh, a couple of cities in Germany, Dublin...lots to choose from. Unfortunately, if you want anything shorter than your Paris flight, you're probably going to have to limit yourselves to the UK, since the other European destinations are farther way around that.

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Hi Elaine
Try Zoom Airlines. They fly direct to Belfast from Toronto and it looks like the flight is just over 6 hours long. Prices are good too. They also have prices for one-way flights.
Happy Travels!

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There is no such thing as a "short direct flight from Toronto"...But I get your drift just the same!
Probably the shortest flight duration direct from YYZ will be at least 5 hours and most likely to the UK.

Direct flights are often based primarily on the time of year/season you will be traveling. I don't think you specified when you will be traveling? An approximate date or season would be helpful in providing a more realistic answer.

There are a few things to consider. There is a difference between a direct flight and a non-stop flight.

A direct flight may briefly land at another city enroute to destination. A direct flight means you do not have to change Aircraft in order to reach your destination. A non-stop flight does not stop until you reach your destination.
I am assuming that you are looking for non-stop rather than direct since you want to travel by air for the least amount of time possible.
Could you please clarify so that we may better assist you?

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TS (Air Transat) operates direct flights to Belfast depending on season. They also operate non-stop to Belfast depending on season.

In high season, Air Transat flies direct to Porto (OPO) and then onward and upward to Lisbon (LIS). They also fly to Faro via Lisbon.

Check out the websites for Air Transat, Zoom and of course Air Canada...

Or have a look at