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My wife and I will be visiting Seville in October. We will actually be staying in Carmona, some 25 miles east of Seville. I am paranoid about driving in Seville. Is there a good metro or bus stop to park our rental car nearby and take public transportation into the city? The airport has a shuttle bus, but it looks like daily parking is pricey? Any suggestions???? Lee
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Posted by Ed
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Hah! You made out like a bandit. Seville can be miserable, especially getting in. But not for you. Take the A4 heading straight in to the city, but get off at the N. Sevilla/Merida exit. It becomes Av Kansas City. Truck right along watching for the Santa Justa train station (it's not like you'll not see the scoundrel). There's all kinds of lots between the road you're on and the station itself. The most convenient one will an underground job just across everwhat the street is that runs in front of the station ((you've been driving along the south side, parallel to the tracks). It's just across the street from a cube-like white buidling with black exterior framework. You will have passed a Sixt car rental place (lots or orange) just before you get there. Not that stinking hard. One off-ramp and a right turn into a choice of lots. You're about a mile and a half from the cathedral. The bus system works fine.

Posted by Lee
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Great! Thanks for your help. We'll take you up on your suggestion. Lee
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Posted by Neil
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Is it not more logical to take the bus direct Carmona to Seville?