Seville, Spain to Granada: Via Train or Bus?

I'm planning a trip to Spain next month and have 4 days and three nights to spend between Madrid and Barcelona. I expect to take the train to Seville and a plane from Grenada to Barcelona, but am looking for suggestions for in-between. Time and cost matter somewhat, but I want to consider how much I'll see out the window during the journey. Please suggest.

Posted by Adam
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I can't answer your question, but I can tell you that the buses in Spain are much nicer than the buses here. I consider them to be comparable to regular rail in terms of comfort and what you see out the window.

Posted by JS
Bay Area
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Unless you are on the coast vistas will be minimal.It is a dry/arid realtivily flat area. Bus is quite cheap in comp to train and air so If time is imp-fly if not bus will be easy on pocket bk and comfortable as busses are actually quite nice in Spain. we were just there in early Oct. the real highlight in S Spain are the Alhambra in Granada, the Alcazar in Seville and the Mezquita in Cordova. Those are the highlights! As for the coast we enjoyed the slow beautiful area of Nerja otherwise the southern coastline line is now overrun w/ condo highrises that the Brits and northerns are occupying. If you wish diff perhaps you should consider Portugal. we actually prefer Portugal espec. Lisbon, Obidos and Douro Valley. hope this helps a bit,

Posted by Neil
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I have travelled several legs of the journey between Seville and Granada over many years by both bus and train and, sorry, have little recollection of the scenic value. Plus points for train is it arrives closer to Granada city centre than the bus station on the outskirts, less cramped and you can walk around.
Minus for train - only four a day with eight buses and about €8 more than bus. But, if taking the bus, weigh against cost of taxi or bus and time to city centre. The time for both services S. to G. is much the same.

Posted by Susan
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We liked the fact that the trains provided music much like one would have on a plane. The scenery will be LOTS of olive trees-at least that was our experience between Granada and Seville. Hope you enjoy Spain as much as we did.

Posted by Brad
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Buses are cheaper, and perfectly comfortable. Seville to Granada is well served by train (not true of all routes in Spain). If it were me, I'd use the train - if I can commit to a time and take advantage of a prebooked discounted fare. If I didn't want to or couldn't commit to a specific time (or early enough to get a cheap fare), I'd opt for the bus.