Seat Reservations for train in France

I'm getting ready to purchase my train tickets for France. On the Paris-Beaune trip, a reservation is required for the first leg. On the site, when I get to my itinerary, it is assigning seats on the lower deck of the duplex train. Is there a way to request the upper deck? Also, on there are two seat maps. One shows that the seats would be in a smoking car. Is there a way to request non-smoking? If I can't make these requests when I purchase the tickets, will I be able to change seats when I get to France? Thanks!

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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I'll be curious to see too if someone has the answer for the duplex train question. I will be making reservations in the next couple of weeks for the Paris to Stuttgart route, and that's also on a duplex train. Hopefully we'll be able to request seats on the upper level, which I'm sure would have better views!

Posted by George
Independence, KS, USA
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When are you going to travel? That makes a difference in pricing. We always select the upper deck on our travels and by buying at 120 days out, we select 1st class since it usually is a bargain.

Posted by Sondra
Murrieta, Ca
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when you have seats in the upper deck, do you also take your luggage up with you or leave it in lower lever luggage racks.

Posted by Jean-Paul
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So we had a frustrating first time on the train. So can I give you some advice? find your seat quickly and sit it ONLY your seat... exactly like an airplane assignment. If you are in the correct car and you know these are your seats, and there is someone else sitting there, politely and firmly kick them out (don't back down, you paid for them) and sit in your paid-for seats and let them fumble for other open seats. because if you don't and sit down anywhere, most likely at one stop along the way the people whose seats you're sitting in will board and kick you out... luggage and all. Your luggage will have to travel with you up a very narrow staircase and aisles... think tight.