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Seat location on 747 airplane

We are flying a 747 from Seattle to London and back.
We are continuing on to Rome. How do we get our seats assigned for this portion of the trip?
We cannot sign in until 24 hours before departure to get our seats assigned. If you have flown a 747, do you have a suggestion of where we should choose our seats, if they are open. We will look for the 3 seat side. I've look at the seating chart but don't know what to look for. We are the last passengers that get a choice as we are flying regular coach. Thanks for any help.

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There are several models of 747's. Go to your airline web site and search for your flight. Click on that flight # and it will note the model number of that plane.
Then go to the seating charts and pull up the one for that 747 model.
Study the seating chart. It will show you where the wings, toliets, galleys, etc., are located.

Hope this helps.

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Bonnie, how many people are you in your group? And what are the physics of you? Would more leg room be better for you than more width of space? Are you more the kind of sleep-thru people on long-haul flights or would a location where interaction with co-travelers be more suitable? There is no single perfect seat as it always matters on ones own expectations...

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There are two of us.
I am 5 feet and my husband is 6 feet. All planes seem to have the same amount of leg space. I saw one plane layout that was three and two in the back of the plane (if I read it correctly). I was wondering if the two seats reclined a little for some sleep.Flight over - available seats are rows 33-53 - returning is 33-53 and rows 51,52,53 2 seats. Flight 48 Seattle to London; Flight 287 London to San Francisco.
Thanks for the information.

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Thanks for reminding me to go to I looked up my flight and configuration and hopefully choose a good seat and that I "beat" the other traveler signing in 24 hours in advance.

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My wife and I try to get the seats at the very rear of British Air's 747 because the last three rows are only two across. Landings are a bit wobblely at the rear, but not being stuck in a middle seat is worth it.