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Scenic Train Travel In Spain for November 2021

We have clients who wish to fly into Barcelona, Spain & take a 'scenic' train south to Malaga, Spain. They believe the train trip is about 6 hours & travels along the coast. Does anyone know what company or trainline this is? All I can find from Barcelona to Malaga travels west to Madrid & then south to Malaga.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

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No such scenic train line along the Med coast from Barcelona to Malaga exists. There are generally no really scenic train rides in Spain from what I have seen having been to most of the regions.

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Here's a schematic map of Spanish rail lines. I can only hope it's complete. If you want to check out some others, Google Spain rail schematic. As you can see, there's a train line sort of along the coast between Barcelona and Valencia, then you're out of luck.

I took a train along that line in 2019 and simply don't remember to what extent there were views of the Mediterranean. I'm sure one of our residents of Spain can refresh my memory, but I think we can assume we're not talking about a lot of fabulous coastal scenery here.

There are many wonderful cities, towns and villages in Spain, but I'd agree that much of the scenery you get from trains is pretty unexceptional; a more blunt person would use the word "dull". The local (extremely slow) rail line between Bilbao and San Sebastian is quite nice, but that is of no help for folks headed south from Barcelona.

Unless there's an issue like fear of flying involved, I see no reason whatsoever to take the train just to get from Barcelona to Malaga. There are great destinations along the way; if you're not going to stop at any of them, why not fly?

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Thank you very much for your ideas! I can also quse th schematic train map of Spain.
It looks like I could get from Barcelona to Valencia via train, then I'll have to find out what they want to do to travel onto Malaga!
If there are any more ideas, please let me know!
Thank you! PLB