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Saverpass vs. Consecutive Day Pass...

I'm wondering what the best deal for me is. Here's my scenario:
I'm leaving for Europe and will be there for 5 weeks. My husband will join me for 2 weeks right in the middle (probably weeks 2 and 3). Originall I was just going to get myself a 1-month consecutive Eurail pass and then I'd get him the 15-days in 1-month pass. I was just reading, however, that they offer Saverpasses for 2 or more people travelling together.
Has anyone ever used a Saverpass? I read that it can be used alone if someone wants to stay behind or go back home, or it can be used together.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!

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Merilee, We have used the saverpass, the flexipass and the global and they all work well depending on your travel needs. I would suggest that you might want to look at how much traveling you want to do. Unless you intend to crisscross Europe using the nigh trains as accommodations, that sounds like a lot of travelling! In order for you to purchase the right pass for the situation, you need to go through the railpass process. If you are following RS and a general itinerary you won't be traveling in 5 weeks much more that 15 days. With the info you supplied I'd buy the one month for you and the 15 consecutive for him ($1763). I don't see that you can save money buying a saver for you both ($1848). The only advantage might be to train a bit less while you are there alone and go with the 15 day in 2 month flexi saver ($1786). For a few dollars more you could travel from your first day until your last.

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A SaverPass means you have ONE piece of paper with both your names on it. Therefore you can't take a train to Paris while your husband takes a train to Rome...because 1 of you will be without a ticket. However, you both can go at the same time on the same train just fine. Also, 1 of you can go on the train and the other stay behind in the hotel room...that's OK, too.

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Hi Merrilee--
Years ago someone suggested
which I have found very helpful.
Hope it helps you too!

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Great...thanks for all the help and all the great info! I appreciate it!

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Agree. Railsaver was also a great help for me.