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SAS Airlines

We canceled a Baltic Viking cruise due to the war in Ukraine. We have unused tickets with SAS, purchased thru our travel agent and Centrav flights to Bergen/Stockholm. They inform us that SAS will only issue a new ticket when at the same time we cancel (less $50) and that is our only option. SAS has very limited flights if you are not going to Scandinavia and we have booked a Rick Steves Tour to Scotland, with almost no way to get to Glasgow on SAS. Question: Any way we get get relief from SAS in the form of future flight credit or miles that are good for 1-2 years? jjkc

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SAS has a decent network in northern Europe, and while do not fly to Glasgow they have frequent flights to Edinburgh. As well as flights to Aberdeen.

Since you bought the ticket from a travel agent you probably have to ask the travel agent.

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You really do have to work with your travel agent on this. If you have one of Centrav's 'cruise fares', which can be great deals, you could be asked for cruise info when you check in for the flight.

And if you're not going on a cruise... You're up a river!

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As stated above, this is up to your travel agent to handle. But one option is to change to an SAS flight to the UK (London has excellent connections; Edinburgh or other airports also possible with a longer overall flight time). You can easily make your way to Glasgow by train. That way you only lose the $50.

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Thank you, all of the above replies. Yes, we are working through our travel agent to try to get flights. Problem is, there are no flights from Kansas City, USA to any city in Scotland, so we would have to fly to either Oslo, Stockholm, or Copenhagen and then backtrack to Edinburgh (and then train/bus to Glasgow). Not insurmountable, but not easy, either. We were hoping to get future flight credit, as most of the major US airlines have done, during this period of pandemic/war. jjkc