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How do you use your Germain rail pass on the S Bahn?Just jump on the train from the train station? But from the hotel to the station how do you activate it? Thanks

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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"How do you use your Germain rail pass" I don't use a German Rail pass. The last time I used one was in 2000, and I would have done a little better buying point-point tickets. Now that I know how to get discount tickets from the Bahn, a pass has never come close to paying. Once your pass has been validated, you just fill in the date every time you use it. Then you can just board the S-Bahn. If the transit police come on and ask for your ticket (rarely happens), just show them the pass with the date filled in. As for initially validating the pass, you'll have to go to a Bahn ticket counter. You'll find one in a main train station. "Just jump on the train " If you let the train stop first, you can just walk on. You won't have to jump.

Posted by William
Vacaville, California, USA
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All great advice specially about waiting for the train to come to a complete stop and just walk on board.The jumping is getting more difficult with age!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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For your German rail pass to be valid on the S-Bahn, you have to use a pass day. So, it only makes sense on days you are taking other trains. As Lee said, getting a German rail pass often isn't cost effective. If you post your itinerary, others can help figure out if it's the best way for you to go.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, I'm commenting when to use the Pass on the S-Bahn. Say, you're staying in Berlin and want to see a museum/historical house in outlying towns of Hamburg all in a day using up one Pass day: take the early Berlin-Hamburg ICE direct, then the S-Bahn to the towns, say Pinneberg or Friedrichsruh (the only two I know). Afterwards the S-Bahn back to Hamburg main station, and the ICE back to Berlin, arr. ca. 2100 or earlier. Use the Pass on the S-Bahn on the tail end of the train ride, r/t, and on a whim decision.