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Ryanair from Venice to Brussels-Safe/Practical?

I'm considering traveling from Venice to Brussels on Ryanair. I will be alone (40'sF).
There are 2 time choices. The first leaves Venice(Treviso) around 8:30am , the second leaves around 9pm and arrives in Brussels (Charleroi) around 10:30pm. I would love to spend the day in Venice, but am concerned about arriving so late.
I will be flying back to the US the following day, and considered taking the 2nd flight, then the train directly to Brussels airport. Thanks for any advice.

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I would vote for taking the 8:30AM flight. By doing so, if something happens to the 8:30 flight, you can hopefully get on the 9:00PM flight and still get into Brussels to catch your connecting flight the next day. But if you're booked on the 9:00PM flight and something happens to it, you may not make your connecting flight.

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Wow.Good advice. Is there a train that goes from Venice to Treviso? I have a Eurail global pass.If so, would that be faster than the bus?

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I would have to agree with Rick about taking the earlier flight. At least with the morning flight, if something happens with the early flight, you might get on the later one. However, Ryan-error has a nasty habit of cancelling flights and just refunding tickets without offering any help in getting to your destination on time.

Also, note, that, according to the Ryan schedule, the flight leaves Treviso at 8:45. The first bus by ATVO leaves Venice at 6:10 and gets to the airport at 7:10. That is 55 minutes before check-in closes at 8:05 (40 minutes before scheduled flight time). If there is an hour long line when you get to the checkin desk , and you are not checked in by 8:05, you loose! Ryan won't check you in after that time. You will miss the flight and they will not give you a refund.

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Here's another issue to consider with that late flight. If you arrive on time, you may still not make the 10:45 pm shuttle into you'd end up waiting for the 11:30 pm bus. The journey takes about 40 minutes and will drop you at Brussels Midi-Zuid station. The problem is, the last train out to Brussels airport leaves Midi-Zuid station at 11:13 pm. So, in either case, you'd be stuck in Brussels overnight.