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Ryanair Carryon

I've booked a flight on Ryanair and just figured out the dimensions and weight for carryon. By my calculations, even the Rick Steves Classic carryone is 1" too deep. Has anyone used theirs on Ryanair? Also, does a purse/camera bag count as a seperate carryon - I can't find out that info.

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On Ryanair you get ONE carryon, not one and a purse. If you need a purse, too, put it in your carryon until you are on the plane. Ryanair is strict on weight limits. In my experience, the dimensions don't matter quite as much, especially if the bag is squishable. In fact, they have never weighed or measured my carryon (I had a checked bag as well), but it didn't appear to be heavy or full.

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I'm not certain of Ryanair's policies. If their website doesn't answer your question is there a Customer care number you might try?

I'm not sure how they (Ryanair) do it but I know that many Airlines consider a purse or camera bag to be a "personal item" and NOT an additional carry-on. But it's best to confirm that with Ryanair. Knowing that Ryanair specializes in short haul flights, it would not surprise me at all if one carry-on is their maximum allowance.

If the RSC is 1inch too large...If you can get past the Check-in Counter with it you are home free. I seriously doubt any of the Crew will notice or even really care, based on my experience.