Rome traffic violations

We stayed at the Oceania Hotel in Rome. It was with great delight that the airconditioning worked so well. Up to that time we were roasting in hotels that were "air conditioned" in August.
My question to you is this: We have been getting notices from the Rome police saying that the car I rented was driven in a limited traffic area without authorization. This is from a year ago August.Most of it was sent in Italian which I couldn't make heads or tails of. We did park in front of the hotel the night before we went to the airport on the advise of the people from the hotel. I don't even know if this is the infraction. They want 113.81 Euro's and I have no idea what for. We did drive on the autostratta and our last ticket had no place to pay for it. If you could give me some guidence on this matter I would really appreciate it. "Thank You" Zelda

Posted by Ken
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Zelda, It sounds like you passed through one of the dreaded Zona Traffico Limitato areas, and your vehicle license was photographed by one of the automated Cameras. The ticket is most likely legitimate and given that a year has past, the time limit to contest it has expired. Just curious, was the ticket sent to you from "European Municipality Outsourcing"? I'm not overly familiar with the Hotel Oceania, but I believe ZTL-Varco 20 is close to that location, so you may have inadvertently passed through that particular Camera. If you could provide some of the wording listed on the ticket, I'm sure someone here will be able to help you translate. Good luck!

Posted by Tom
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Somewhere on those notices should be a web address. There you should find the information you need. Ken is no doubt correct: you inadvertently drove into a ZTL, an automated camera snapped a picture of your license plate, since your car wasn't authorized, you committed a violation and now you have to pay a fine. By Italian law, they have up to a year to send you the ticket. If you Google "ZTL Italy", you'll learn all about it. Or do a search on this helpline for "ZTL tickets". This is a very frequent issue on this board.

Posted by Ron
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Zelda, as Ken and Tom have said... you drove past a ZTL camera. I'm familiar with the Hotel Oceania as it's fairly close to The Church of Santa Susanna - Home of the American Catholic Church in Rome. You were about two blocks INSIDE the ZTL zone. You probably passed the camera on Via Nazionale. Afraid there's no good news to tell you ... I guess at minimum - since they told you to park there???? - I'd contact the hotel and see if they "registered" your car. The obvious answer is no as you got a ticket...

Posted by Christi
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There are many free translation websites - google translate italian to english - type the info into the box and hit the button - you will know what the ticket says.