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Rome to Venice with stopover in Florence

Hi All,

This summer I will be travelling from Rome to Venice, and I have a few questions:

1) I am considering stopping off in Florence for 2-4 hours on my way to Venice to see a couple of the main sites. It looks like the key sites are in walking distance from the train station. I will only have a few hours to spend in Florence. Does this kind of stopover make sense or is it too rushed?

2) Is there any way to buy a single ticket from Rome to Venice with a stopover in Florence? To save costs, I would like to avoid buying 2 separate tickets (rome-florence & florence-venice). It looks like even discounted tickets allow 1 change so I wasn't sure if I could simply get off in Florence and re-book a place on a later train to Venice. Any ideas?

3) Finally, it is well communicated that Trenitalia does not allow accept US credit cards. Is there any way to buy discounted Italy train tickets in advance from the US? For example, does Trenitalia accept PayPal or other forms of payment? The website seems to be having some issues right now so I'm not even able to make it through to the payment screen to find out.

4) It looks like the summer time table has not yet been posted. Very few Italian train routes appear when I query dates after June 12. Does anyone know when the new schedule will be posted? I want to get the advance purchase fares, but it's frustrating that the routes are not available.

5) Finally, I found a website that said night trains from Milan to Paris will not be operating the last couple of weeks in June. However, I don't remember where I found it, and I have not been able to find the site again to verify it. And, I can't find any information anywhere to corroborate it. Does anyone know? Since the summer schedule is not posted, I can't verify it.

- David

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  1. High-speed EuroStar Italia trains and IC trains go Rome-Florence-Venice and both require seat reservations. You will have to buy separate tickets if you wish to stop over in Florence.

  2. Booking with PayPal might work, but don't count on it.

  3. The semi-annual timetable update for much of Europe will take effect on 13 June so right now you can see complete timetables through 12 June. Trenitalia is notorious for being the last national rail company to upload its timetables. I expect it will be late April or early May before they do so.

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Bad assumption that a couple of Sites can be visited in a couple of hours. It might be the case if they are outdoor sites. Most likely never the case at the Academia or Uffizi (sp?) Gallery at which you may spend hours waiting in line to get in depending on the time of year.