Rome to Lake Como on a budget

Hello, I am a college student studying abroad in Rome from January- April. We do not have classes on Friday, and I would like to travel to Lake Como with a few friends in February or March. However, we are having difficulty figuring out the best way to travel from Rome to Lake Como. Does anyone know if there is a cheap bus service available from Rome to Como, and if not, would it be cheaper/more convenient to take a train or a flight? Considering that we are students and will only have three days (Friday-Sunday), we need to balance price and efficient travel. Also, is it worth it to travel to Lake Como in February (ie, will the weather be nice enough for the trip to be worth it?) Any advice would help! Thanks.

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If you are in Rome now, call the local bus station and ask about your trip. The train will cost more, but is faster.

With only 3 days, you need a faster way to travel so flying is the only answer. Search google for "discount air fares Rome to Como". Or call a local travel agent.

Weather will be unpredictable.

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With only a long weekend, the trick will be to get to Milan and then train an hour north from Milan Centrale terminal to Varenna. Varenna is on the east side of the Lake, at mid-lake, mid-lake is where the fantastic views are that you've seen, the expansive views don't exist at the south end of one of the Lake's arms where the town of Como is. Midlake is preferable.

If you go in February for your weekend trip, don't go for the weather, February is definitely off season for Lake Como, which is at the base of a branch of the Alps with the kind of weather you'd expect for such a location, not like Rome weather. Bring a wind-resistant outer layer and a sweater under it for warmth.What gets my attention is you only have Fri/Sat/Sunday including your travel time to and from Lake Como from Rome, this leaves you little time in Lake Como--and then if the February weather is not what you were hoping for, well then you've spent a lot of money for not the kind of experience you're looking for.What about a closer location for your weekend trip? There are so many good choices in Italy, even in February.If you decide you must go, maybe you can delay your weekend at Lake Como until April, or at least late March, nearer to the end of your Italy time.