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What is the cheapest way to get from the Fiumicino airport to my hotel in Rome?

Posted by Tom
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The "Leonardo Express" shuttle train will bring you straight from the airport to Rome's downtown Termini station for 14 euros. From Termini to the hotel your best bet is probably a taxi.

Posted by Frank
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You asked for the cheapest - it would be the sitbus shuttle at 8E to the Termini. After that it depends on where you hotel is but you should be able to use local bus/tran.metro to get close to your hotel.

Posted by donna
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It really depends on where your hotel is. If it's not near the termini then you may want to take a bus and then walk to your hotel or the other train that stops in Trastevere and then walk to your hotel. Often the cheapest is not the easiest. Donna

Posted by Ron
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As Donna and Frank have mentioned - it depends on where your hotel is located. The "cheapest" methods, in order are probably the Cotral Bus, the Terravision Bus Service, the SITBus Shuttle, the The FR1 Metropolitan train, the Leonardo Express , "shared" shuttle services, taxis to city center, and private shuttle or limo services. For a summary of options to the city, you might read Transportation Options From (FCO) to Rome. Your hotel location will ultimately determine which options works best for you... Adding to the mix is combining the metro, bus, or tram options AFTER you get into town from the airport!

Posted by Lori
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I don't mean to highjack this thread, but I have been wondering about this myself. We are staying at hotel next to the Pantheon. Is is too far to walk from Termini to there? If so, how much would you expect to pay a cab? Lastly, we will be arriving at FCO around 9:45pm. Is it dangerous to take the bus at that late hour (middle aged woman and teen boy). Thanks so much.

Posted by Laurel
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@Lori -
It's too far to walk from Termini with luggage, the first time in Rome, late at night. I don't think you'll even be at Termini until 11:30 PM or so. While it will cost €50, consider Rome Cabs for this airport to hotel segment so late at night. It's not that Rome is unsafe, but you will be A) tired, B) jetlagged, C) geographically disoriented. You could spend the €28 euros on the Leonardo Express, then get hit for €14-25 euros for a cab from Termini to the hotel. Rome Cabs is a flat rate, dependable and professional. You can make your reservation online before you leave the US. Laurel

Posted by Susan
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We were approached by a van driver at FCO who offered to take the two of us plus two other people to our hotels for about 14 euros pp. The other couple were staying at a hotel near ours(near Pantheon) so it worked out great. The van was new and we had a safe ride to our hotels. Easier and cheaper than using train and then taxi from Termini. Would do this again for sure.

Posted by Elaine
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We just had our hotel directly book a taxi service for my husband and I. Somebody met us after we got our luggage at the airport. They took us directly to our hotel. Then we had another driver do the same for our return trip to the airport. It worked out great.

Posted by Debabrata
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We stayed in an apartment close to Piazza Navona - took a taxi from the airport. Was not too expensive. Specially after you have had a long flight, you do not want to get into a public transport.

Posted by Elaine
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We had our Rome hotel (River Palace Hotel) book us a taxi to/from the airpot.

Posted by melissa
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We used a shuttle service,, very satisfactory rate. Did not accept our hotel's offer of 50 euros for a scheduled private car. We waited 25 minutes early in the morning for a family at another hotel to get their act together and check out of the hotel, get in the van, arrange themselves.... I would have paid the extra for the quiet private car at that point.

Posted by Jo
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DO NOT USE the airport shuttle bus!! The drive from our hotel near Termini to FCO took three times as long as it should have 1 hour and 35 mins because the driver showed up 10 minutes late, made us wait 35 minutes at another hotel for a pickup and dismissed my concerns that we had a flight to catch, saying there was plenty of time and had no change, forcing me to run around the terminal to break a 20 euro bill. Our flight wound up being closed before we could check in and we had to spend 414 euro each to get tix for a new flight, plus 214 euro for a hotel room because no flights were available until the next day. A complaint call to the company got only excuses and a LIE from the driver that he dropped us off 20 mins earlier than he did. Rick Steves needs to remove this recommendation from his books because this company SIMPLY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS!!

Posted by Frank
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I know you wanted an opportunity to post a rant but the question is 18 months so I am sure Leanne is home now.