Rome 2 Rio Website?

I just discovered a website ( that helps determine the best way to get from one destination to another - bus, train, flight, etc. I'm wondering if anyone else has used it and if so, have you found it to be useful? At first glance, it looks pretty cool!

Posted by Pam
Troy, Idaho, USA
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Interesting site! I put in a quick request and it showed my local airport (very small) to LHR with a price of $600! However when I started putting in dates I could never find what date was actually $600. Since it was routing thru Seattle and to LHR on BA I am not sure where they are coming up with that number as the few times I have looked at BA fares on that route they were 2 to 3X what it is on Delta. I would go tomorrow if I could fly for $600. I will continue to check as I do some laundry in case I do need to leave tomorrow, lol!

Posted by Neil
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I have tried to find fault with the site, since discovery a few months ago. All I can offer, and simplistic conclusion that it is - for local or regional transport, if the company does not publish on the web, rome2rio will not be aware of these alternatives and there certainly are those which do save money or time or both in parts of the world.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I'd never heard of it so I thought I'd give it a go with a simple exercise, to go between two hotels in Italy frequently mentioned here on the Helpline. I asked it to give an answer to Pensione Guerrato in Venice to the Hotel Sonya in Rome. I was surprised to see that it apparently has no knowledge of getting around Venice. For a train route it wants you to magic yourself to V.SL. with no idea of how to accomplish that magic. On the Rome end you are told to walk, no idea of any buses. On the driving choice it wants you to magic your car onto the Mestre end of the causeway - no idea of how to get there - and then drive south. It says it is a toll road but no idea of where the toll booths are or how much the tolls are. As you arrive in central Rome it mentions a toll road but fails to identify that as a ZTL and huge consequences of following their directions. For flying it wants you to magic yourself to Venice airport, but also options for magicing you from VERONA, TRIESTE, BOLOGNA and even FLORENCE airports. It may be usable in the USA or Thailand - the defaults when I opened it - but it seems to have failed dramatically on my simple single test.

Posted by Sharon
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I agree that the costs might not be accurate but we're using it to determine the best method for traveling between cities in Slovenia and have found it to be really helpful - at least it gives us options to consider and further research. For more detailed information to get around within cities, I think that iMetro ( is better.