Romantic road by public transport?

Is it possible to use public transportation (bus) from Rothenburg to Augsburg or all the way to Fussen rather than book a tour?
The rail connections from Rothenburg seem to be very complex and time consuming.
We'll be there in August.
Is there any website I could check the bus timetables?
Thanks a million for any help!!

Posted by TC
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The train connections you mentioned are really not that hard. Just be sure you buy your tickets before you arrice in R'burg as they do not have a ticket agent as such - just machines. The road itself is not that great. Just a few really good towns. Doing it by bus is possible but I'd not do it due to the wasted time and the fact that there is only one bus each way each day.

Posted by cindy
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Thanks TC from Atlanta,
I have booked the hostel for two nights in R'burg. (I'll be taking train from Berlin to R'burg.) Could I see the sites in one day and take the train to Augsburg for the second night, or is the town worth the two nights stay? I thought to take a excursion from Munich to see the castles close to Fussen before cont. to Austria for a week.
Thanks for any comments!

Posted by jack
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If you get in late you might need two nights.In any event dont miss the Night Watchmans tour ,it is great.jack

Posted by Lee
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I don't know if you have time for all this, but I would spend a full day (two nights) in Rothenburg and then go by train and bus to Augsburg via Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen.

Rothenburg deserves at least a full day. My wife and I were there a few years ago. We arrived mid-day and went out of the town, across the bridge, and walked along the river, viewing the town from there.

The second day we spent walking almost the entire wall, marvelling at the methods of fortification, then went into the church and saw the Riemenschneider altar.

In between these major excursions, we did a lot of exploring of the old town and the shops.

When we left the next morning, we felt that we had adequately explored Rothenburg, but we didn't feel we had spent too much time there.

Posted by Lee
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Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen are both walled towns from the same period as Rothenburg, so you might not want to spend much time in them, maybe only in one, but they are on the Romantic Road to Augsburg, so if you want to see the road itself, which you can't do from the train, you have to go through them.

Although it is true that there is only one "tour bus" each way daily, there are a lot of local buses between the towns. With the tour bus, you just blow through most towns; with the local buses you will have some connection times in each town. You can find the local buses on the Bahn website's query page, Set "modes of transport" to "local only" to see more bus connections. There is a bus leaving Rothenburg at 7:56, changing in Dombühl, and arriving in Dinkelsbühl at 9:20. For a later departure, you can take the 10:06 train, change in Steinach, catch the bus in Ansbach, and arrive in Dinkelsbühl at 12:20.

Write me for more info.