Roma and Paris Pass vs Omnia Rome and Vatican Pass

I would love any suggestions as to which is the best pass to purchase for Rome and Paris. We will be in both locations for one week each. We are trying to get the most for our money, of course. We are first-timers so any suggestions would be appreciated. I am not partial to these two passes if anyone has suggestions to others we should purchase. Thanks,

Posted by Frank
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I think you should get the Rick Steves' books for Rome and Paris. Good section on the various passes available. This question might work better in the Italy section - To The Boot - instead of transportation.

Posted by Nancy
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I agree that you should consult the guidebooks. I will say that we purchased the Rome pass and got our money's worth out of it. But you really need to be diligent about where you really want to go and the time period you have. On another note - I purchased my tickets to the Vatican online and we bypassed the VERY long line waiting for tickets.

Posted by Nigel
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Christina, Being out in the boonies where you will be staying in Rome in Citta' Giardino you will rely a lot on the buses and, maybe, a tram. We always get a weekly transit pass so once it has been validated once we never take it out unless the inspector asks for it. They are cheap and easy. So that's one reason not to get the Roma Pass, which comes with 3 days. Until you 4 have decided what you want to see you will never be able to tell if the 2 "free" entries on the Roma Pass will work for you. Each of the 4 of you may have different things you may want to see. If the girl wants to go to Ostia Anica, the boy wants to go to the Spanish Steps, and you two want to go to the Borghese but they have no interest in sculpture - you need to add them up. I have never seen ANYBODY who thought that the Omnia Pass is a good value or even close to it. Funny with me just over the Channel from Paris I know Rome so much better but there you go. Paris folk will chip in. Can I suggest, Christina, with you guys going in just a few short weeks and with you really feeling the pressure, that you let the kids have a go a planning some of the detail? I bet they do a great job. My first solo trip around Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France was when I was 19, and I done good.

Posted by Christina
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Nigel, Can you tell me more about the weekly transit pass? Can I purchase these online? I am looking into a Vatican pass now. Thanks,

Posted by Harold
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For lots of Rome information (or if you need more detail about something after you've looked at Rick Steves Rome), you can't beat the Ron in Rome website. Here's his page on Rome local transit tickets. You want the CIS ( Carta Integrata Settimanale) - the weekly ticket. For Paris, it depends on your days. There is a weekly ticket (the Pass Navigo Découverte), but: 1. It requires a photo (you can print one at home and bring it with you). 2. It is only good for Monday through Sunday. If you buy and activate it after Monday, it still expires at the end of Sunday, so you don't get a full 7 days. 3. It is not sold after Thursday of the week it is good for.
4. It is not shareable, so each person must have their own (it costs about €25 per person). If you're arriving early in the week and taking a lot of rides, it's a good deal. Details of the Pass Navigo Découverte: If you are not going to be in Paris on days when the Pass Navigo is a good deal, you can get carnets. A carnet (pronounced car-NAY) is 10 individual tickets, bought together at a substantial discount over single tickets. A carnet is shareable, so buy two to start, and then just buy more when needed. Many people do a lot of walking in Paris, so they don't take too many Metro or bus rides. If you are having a day with a lot of rides, there's the Carte Mobilis, which is a day ticket.

Posted by Nigel
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Harold's guide to Ron in Rome is right on. When you are studying about the CIS (no you can't get it on line, use the same magazine stall holder who sells you the bus map or Tabacchi in the station when you arrive to buy them) read about riding the buses too, and how to interpret the bus stop signage. Ron in Rome is a real gem, always sparkling.