Riviera Card

The Riviera Cards are available upon your arrival at the hotels in the Montreux area. These can be used for public transportation and entrance fee discounts. Are they also available at the train stations with proof of hotel registration? This would save on the bus tickets, taxi fares from the train station to the hotel. In my case from Montreux to Yeytaux/Chillon.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Steve, have you looked at the official website for the card at http://www.montreuxriviera.com/en/Riviera_Card/Montreux_Riviera_Card? All the rules and features are there. You will see that not all hotels offer the card. This is pretty much a garden variety regional visitor card. Certain buses are included and as it says if you register online you can use your confirmation letter to get you to a participating hotel on certain buses. More questions?

Posted by Steve
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
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Nigel, Thank you. Yes, I have sent them an e-mail. Basically they have re-iterated that my hotel offers the Riviera Card. This is how I found out about the card. I did get good directions for taking a bus to the hotel though. Thanks again.