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Riding the Rail

I recently read this.

Never assume the whole train is going where you are. Each car is labeled separately, because cars are usually added and dropped here and there all along the journey. I'll never forget one hot afternoon in the middle of Spain. My train stopped in the middle of nowhere. There was some mechanical rattling. Then the train pulled away leaving me all alone in my car... all alone in La Mancha. Ten minutes later another train came along, picked up my car, and I was on my way. To survive all of this juggling easily, check to be sure that the city on your car's nameplate is your destination. Confirm with the conductor when he or she comes by to check your ticket or pass.

My question is as follows. Let say a train has several stops, how do you know when your train has reached the correct stop. I understand that you get in the car that labeled with your cities destination. Does that mean that the doors to let you off will not open until you reached your city. When it time to get off the train are the announcements in language. How do you know what it correct time to get off the train?

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The stop is usually announced, although it may be difficult to pick up by ear. Otherwise, going into a station and on the platform are always signs indicating the city and specific station and they are easy to spot. Tickets and timetables are useful in understanding the local names for different stations, which can be confusing at times. As for the different destinations for rail cars, despite all my travels, I have never had to contend with that. Not sure if it is just my route, or if it is simply done much less nowadays.