Rhine boat

We want to take the K-D line river boat from Bacharach to Boppard. Our German rail pass (supposedly) entitles us to a free trip on this line. The K-D web site makes no mention of this, nor of any required reservation.
Can I just show up at the pier and hope to take care of it there?

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Hans, taking the K-D boat is kind of like taking a bus. Just show up. No reservations.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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It does. Just turn up and pop on. No fuss no muss.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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It starts the day of a flexpass, if that's the kind you have. If you don't want to use a day, it's probably cheaper to buy a ticket. When I've used a pass, I just flashed it at the people at the ramp and walked onto the boat. No need to visit the ticket booth first.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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Without using your rail pass, the one way KD fare from Bacharach to Boppard is 18,70€ per person. If you arrived in Bacharach that day by train, you have probably already "activated" a day of the rail pass. If you have paid for a train ticket to get there that day, showing your ticket at the kiosk will get you a discount for the boat ticket.

Posted by Russ
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Why did you choose to start the cruise in Bacharach? Cruising Bacharach to Boppard takes 1.5 hours; it's an attractive segment, but if you can spare another 45 minutes, you can include the Bingen-Bacharach segment too, which involves numerous other castles, the Mäuseturm, and the Niederwald monument. If you are using a railpass day to do the cruise, a trip from Bacharach to Bingen to start your cruise there will take only 12 minutes by train and won't cost you a dime extra. If you're paying for your cruise, you'll get a 20% discount with any train ticket - so the 4€ you'll pay for the train from Bacharach to Bingen will result in a cruise discount of about the same.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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If your pass is active the day you take the boat, then yes, just show your pass as you board the boat. If you aren't using your pass that day, it's better to buy tickets for the boat than waste a day of your pass just for that. Rick Steves usually touts the leg between St. Goar and Bacharach. From what I've seen, it's a good suggestion.