Reservations on ES trains in Italy

Although we would like to have a trip that is spontaneous, we have several reasons to be in individual cities in Italy at certain times. Therefore, I would like to either buy tickets OR reservations on certain segments before we leave, just in case. If RailEurope is so expensive, does it make sense to JUST buy the reservation from them or

Posted by Julie
SF Bay Area, CA, USA
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I'm assuming you are buying point to point tickets... With those, if a reservation is required, it is included in the ticket price. Most trains only need advance purchase a few days ahead of time so you can buy all your tickets once you get to Italy. We did this last September and had no problem getting any of our preferred trains. Night trains are the only ones I would suggest to reserve before you go. If you don't feel comfortable with that, I suggest you buy your tickets directly from Trenitalia. On the English version of the website, you can check out the Promotions page for any specials. If the specials are available on your route and train, they will show up in the Tariffa drop down box on the reservation page.