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Reservation fees

If we have a first class rail pass.... Can we buy a seat reservation in France, italy, or wherever in second class? Same on a night train? Or do we have to buy the first class Supplement or reservation? It seems to be cheaper in 2nd class.

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You can purchase a 2nd class supplement or reservation with a 1st class ticket, but then you will have to sit in 2nd class. In Germany, reservations cost the same for 1st class or 2nd class, but, of course, you cannot use a 1st class reservation without a 1st class pass.

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Why would you buy a first class rail pass if you are going to travel in second class???

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Hi, "It seems cheaper in second class." Yes, it is, if you are going from country to country, eg., Paris-Frankfurt. If you have a 1st class Pass and sit in 2nd class, the reservation cost 15 Euro, Paris-Frankfurt. If you sit in 1st class ( same route), the reservation with your Pass is 30 Euro. These were the prices last summer. Going from Germany-France and vice versa, day, reservations are mandatory, be it on TGV or ICE, same price. On a night train sitting in a six seat compartment CNL or EN, with your Pass reservations are mandatory too, available only in 2nd class. In France the reservation is mandatory 1st or 2nd class if you're taking the TGV, say Paris-Arras, or Paris-Metz or Strasbourg.