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Report: Flying from France to JFK on 10/17/21

We flew from Nice to JFK. All anecdotal info, but hopefully helpful

  • At Nice, we were questioned by the security just before the ticket counter. He looked at our COVID tests and asked if we had filled out the Delta Attestation
  • At the check-in desk, they checked passports and gave out a boarding pass
  • At security, they checked passports and boarding passes but no COVID paperwork
  • At the gate security, they checked passports and boarding passes

When we got to JFK, we were high-tailing it off the plane to get to immigration. Part of the way there, we were stopped by three women in face shields and medical-looking suits. We were the very first ones off the plane. They wanted COVID tests and passports. They created an instant bottleneck for the hundreds of passengers behind us.

We then got to Global Entry kiosks - no lines, no documentation required and we were done…well except for the 6 hour flight to Seattle:)

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I am glad to hear that your test was checked. I flew from Paris to SFO near the end of September and no one looked at my test result.

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"They created an instant bottleneck for the hundreds of passengers behind us." Sounds like they were doing their jobs.

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Indeed, what Lindy said. It sounds like they were there to check people, so that is what they were doing.

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I should clarify my answer, it seems. I was pointing out the COVID test checkpoint based on its odd location. We got off the plane and started walking towards immigration. We walked a few minutes - for us, it’s that time when we’re trying to be as efficient as possible since we don’t know what kind of lines we’ll be facing up at immigration. We’re tired, we’re hauling our bags and we’re focused on immigration. So it was weird that - at about the halfway point, just at the end of a hallway, the hallway itself was blocked by this COVID-test check.

There is no signage or anything, we just saw three women standing up there, and, when we finally got right in front of them, realized they were saying they wanted to see COVID tests. So we stopped to haul them out, a bottleneck of a few hundred people formed behind the first few of us and no one knew why we were all stopping as the location was so odd and unsigned.

Everyone had to stop their focused trek to immigration and then pull out the passport and COVID test that (at least for me) I would normally pull out as I approach immigration.

For me, again, I then put everything away in my neck pouch since I’m not familiar with JFK and I didn’t know how much further we had to walk.

At any rate, I’m not criticizing the checking of the COVID test, but I am warning people that the paperwork check location is very unexpected. Had someone mentioned it to me, I would have made sure all of that paperwork was handy when I exited the plane and so I mention it here to others:)

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Thanks for that clarification. Yes, communication at airports is highly desirable!