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Rental car vs. purchase-lease car?

Rick mentions in his book about possible advantages of leasing or purchasing a car in Germany(packaged purchase-ship plan) when we come vs. car rental. We have 5 weeks for the trip, will be traveling July with 2 teens, and an elementary age child, mostly Germany, but flying home from London.

I would like to know pros and cons of this, more details, etc. as follows:
1. Are there special agenies recommended for these deals, or best to just go through car dealers?
2. Does it make a difference what type of car?
3. We assume best case scenario would be a break even if we were to sell the car upon arrival at home. Any comments on that?
4. What other pros and cons need to be considered??

Thanks so much for any information or leads for websites for more information.

Sincerely, Pam in Bay Point, CA

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First - make all arrangements here BEFORE you go.

I have done the lease/buyback deal twice (in 1993 and 2004) and both times it was simple and very cost effective. I was travelling in France & Italy so I used Renault Eurodrive. They have a great website. You get a brand new car and all taxes and insurance are included in the price. I am sure that German manufacturers have similar programs.

Have fun!