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I am thinking about getting a car either rental or lease to drve from Zurich airport to the berner oberland area of Switzerland. I have been there several times visiting relatives. I would like to drive into Italy. Venice and Cinque terre. Is it easy driving in Italy or is it best to take the train? Also does anyone know how long of a train ride it is from Venice to Cinque terre? Is there alot of transfers?

Posted by Tom
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I just returned from an Italy/Germany trip with family. Started in Italy (8 days), finished in Germany (4 days). In Rick's Italy book, he says cars are OK for the countryside, but a big headache in the cities - can't agree more..also really useless for the Cinque Terre. Train is best for Venice and Cinque Terre. Point to point tickets, 2nd class is the budget way to go. Buy at the stations - machines are easy to use with English menu. Venice to C.T. routes are several - example (Venice-Milan-LaSpezia-Vernazza...or Venice-Florence-LaSpezia-Vernazza) - 3 changes, figure burning up a good day - about 7 or 8 hours. Go to (click english link upper right)and try it out to see.
I drove in Germany 4 days, it was great...but no grazie in Italia.