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Recent Lufthansa (Eurowings) & Frankfurt experience

Lufthansa has changed some of its Canadian & US flights to its ‘leisure’ partner Eurowings for the winter and I thought I would share our experience from a week ago as both LH and Frankfurt airport have had their share of operational struggles this year.

We originally booked Lufthansa several months ago & received notice of the change to EW in September; same plane configuration. We flew Business Class & have never flown LH before (but have flown BC on BA, AF, & Air Canada). We were a bit worried about the change as reviews indicated EW cabin crew are ‘younger’ & not as polished or organized. We were hugely impressed however, with the service. Beverages, meals, & snacks were all served in a timely manner (1 of the criticisms read elsewhere). The cabin crew were exceedingly friendly, professional, responsive & gracious. Near the end of the flight, the 3 BC cabin crew came to each person to thank us for flying with them & wish us well.

The arrival in Frankfurt was more challenging. Our flight had left late from Vancouver (after leaving late from Frankfurt earlier…). The jetway was not working so all passengers had to exit via stairs at the back of the plane and bused to the terminal. We were trying to connect to Rome on a LH flight. We had to take another bus, go through a line at Passport Control, & dash to our flight showing as 30 minutes late. As it turned out, they held the flight for us as several of us were going to Rome. Our baggage did not make it but I give full credit to LH who texted us upon arrival in Rome that arrangements had been made to put our 2 bags on the next flight. We had bought Air Tags to help us know where our luggage was too. As the suitcases arrived late evening, they were delivered to our hotel the next afternoon. LH communicated with us quite well by text and email. We had enough in our carry on to manage. We don’t do carry on only because of required liquids and other items so we knew to be prepared for a delay.

Overall we were impressed with how LH handled these various glitches.

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Lufthansa’s contracts with its pilots and crews under its Eurowings subsidiary Is more favorable to the company— thus Lufthansa’s bottom line improves when they can switch passengers to Eurowings. Just last month, Eurowings pilots and engineers went on strike for three days over pay and working conditions. A Eurowings pilot’s median annual salary is about €63,000. But even the higher-paid Lufthansa pilots—with a median annual salary of €180,000– went on strike in September. What’s ironic about this is that the CEO of Lufthansa is a former pilot himself.
Reading about your experience at Frankfurt’s airport ( FRA) confirms my impression that it’s time for a makeover at FRA so it can be brought into the 21st Century, as London’s Heathrow has done. At FRA there are not enough gates for the jets. not enough escalators or moving walkways to help passengers get to their connecting flights quickly, and not enough signage helping direct passengers to where they need to go.
But the airport vendors at FRA do sell great pretzels and frankfurters!

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I usually fly Delta or its partners, so it‘s always interesting to hear about how things go on other airlines.

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I think we were on the same flight. Euro wings 4Y71 on November 14? It was a real milk run. Everybody on the plane was transferring somewhere else (India, Italy, Spain etc). After we disembarked, we all loaded on buses which drove all over FRA. We passed by our next gate twice. We then unloaded and enterred in a building and told to wait about 10 minutes. We then exited the building the same way and we piled back into the bus and started driving around FRA again. We were finally dropped off to make our next connection. We had 2 hours so we were okay. Other passengers who only had 40 minutes were getting frantic. They have nice pretzels in FRA.

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My Parents and I flew on Condor in Premium Economy from FRA to SFO this past summer. Let me tell you I had the most delicious Cheese Pasta with Truffle Oil, fantastic side salad, cheese and crackers,mousse and Snickers Bar. Midflight Ben and Jerries Ice Cream and a pre landing Hot Panini Sandwich out of this world with German Potato Salad and Pretzel Bun with Dessert.

The Beverage cart came by often and I had more alcoholic beverage choices than on mainline LH. My seat was very comfortable and I slept for 4 hours.

Totally worth the $150. Whats more I got Double Alaska Miles on a promo.