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Recent Airline Experiences: the Good and the Bad

In response to the recent thread regarding schedule changes, I would say that yes, it’s the new normal. A couple of months ago, we flew to Rome and back; pdx-lhr, lhr-fco, outbound. Return; fco-dfw, dfw-pdx. Our daughter and her family were doing the same, but with a short stopover in London, so separate tickets.
A few weeks before departure, I received notice that our dfw-pdx leg had been changed, leaving us just two hours to negotiate immigration/customs and to get to the gate for the second leg of our journey. Seemed unlikely that it would work. The relatives’ tickets had not been changed so it wasn’t a matter of the flight, itself. Our original seats were still available, as well. All just mysteriously arbitrary. We really needed to be together to help with managing our 6 year old grandson during that long trip.
Now for the good. I was able to reach an American agent reasonably quickly. She had no idea why the change had been made, but she promptly reversed it. Kudos to AA for good customer service.
Btw, we have not flown internationally since before covid. The trek from check-in to our gate, at each of the four airports was unbelievably long, each of them having undergone or undergoing major expansion. I’m recovering from hip replacement and have a really bad knee, as well. There is no way I could have walked to the gates at any of the airports. Good thing I had ordered a wheelchair. I advise anyone with the slightest mobility problem to do the same.

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