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Grand Rapids Michigan? Now there's a hub. What about Detroit?
These tests are going to cost more than my flight!

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I wonder if the price of the tests will increase as more of the world opens up to tourists? Will they take the view that if you are prepared to travel, you will pay for the test? Or will more people travelling mean more demand for services, therefore more competition will start testing and the price will drop?

The only quick test in the U.K. at present is the lateral flow test that takes 30 minutes, but isn’t as reliable as the PCR test.

Will the testing requirements for you to return home change?

Interesting times.

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"The only quick test in the U.K. at present is the lateral flow test that takes 30 minutes.."
This isn't strictly true - there are several rapid PCR tests that can be done in around an hour - but in the UK
they are almost unheard of outside a hospital situation, and the difficulty is getting hold of the kits.

The hospital where I work has three different rapid tests - one used in Emergency Admissions (and in the lab) , one in Oncology and a third variety also used in the micro lab. Our total allocation of tests for all three platforms has never exceeded 100 a day - and we could easily have used 3 times that were they available.

The other bit of the Travelweekly article that I take issue with is the 48-72 hours to get a lab result back. While it may be true, the time to do a standard PCR test varies, but is normally around 4 hours.

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The state of Hawaii was very particular for a PCR test from a lab that had met their standards (FREE). Couldn't get tougher than that. Got the test and the result in about 2 hours in Texas Coming back from Europe in October I went through a drive thru and go the PCR results back in about 2 hours ($150).. Four days later I went to a different branded drive thru and go the results back in about 2 hours.

Testing just isn't a problem here.

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So if I’m traveling from ATL to LAX then onto HNL, do I get the PCR test during the connection time building in some extra time; OR do I book it as two separate flights and leave a bunch of time, maybe even an overnight in LA, in between the flights?

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If you are going to HNL, unless they have changed since December, you need to get tested by an approved lab. Make sure the airport lab us approved. I used Walgreens, free, took 2 hours to get results.