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railpass Vienna Melk train

On the Rail Europe website, I'm able to access round trip trains from Vienna to Melk but only if I buy the point to point ticket not if I indicate that I'm using a rail pass. Does anyone have any experience with this trip and the use of a rail pass? All other trips I've searched show availability. Thanks.

Sorry, I did find this explanation at the site:
Q. When I select the box that says I have a pass I am not receiving any schedules, but when I do not select the box that says I have a pass I receive schedules. Why can't I book a reservation with a Pass?
A. The train you are requesting does not offer reservations. Please note the train time for your travel information. To board this train you will need your pass and can take any available seat.

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Rail Europe is a seller of railpasses and point-point tickets (usually at a sizeable markup); they only show prices for trains for which they sell tickets, or reservations. The direct trains from Vienna to Melk are all regional trains without the possiblity of reservations, so when you put in that you have a railpass, RE has nothing to sell, so they don't show anything.

If you want just schedules, go to the German Rail query page or to the Austrian Rail website at

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Thanks so much. I'm traveling with an elderly parent and am trying to plan as much as possible ahead of time. We can't afford to many adventures.

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You can also get to Melk from Vienna by taking an Austrian InterCity train (OEIC) from Vienna to St. Pölten (43 min) and changing there (6 min) for a regional train to Melk (23 min). That connection takes the same amount of time, 1hr 12min, as the direct regional train and has a change of trains, but you could have reservations for the IC. You can get the reservations now at RE's website ($12 pP, $48 for 2P RT,) or in Austria for no more than €4 pP and per direction ($24 2P RT). RE does not sell reservation from Vienna to St. Pölten, but they do sell them from Vienna to Linz, which is the next stop after St. Pölten).

If you are willing to travel by second class on just the regional train, you don't need to use a day of your railpass. Both of you can do it, RT, with a €28 "Einfach-Raus-Ticket" (€14 pP), which is the Austrian equivalent of the Bayern-Ticket. With the Einfach-Raus-Ticket you can't travel before 9AM on weekdays.

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Rick mentions a Kombi-ticket in his Germany & Austria Guidebook which is a special package that includes a rail trip from Vienna to Melk, admission to Melk Abbey, a river cruise from Melk to Krems and then a return rail trip to Vienna. He lists the cost at 43 euros and states they can be purchased at any train station.