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Traveling to France next year. Was wondering if there is an easy way to travel (via rail) to Chamonix? I would spend one night there and the go to Nice for a night, and to Milan the following day. Any suggestions? DW

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Go to TGV-Europe.com. Use a date 90 days away because they don't book out any further. And indicate ticket pick up location as France so you don't get bounced to RailEurope with higher prices and fewer options.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Travel to Chamonix from where? I'll assume Paris. If yes, you have selected a very ambitious trip. Unfortunately, most of what you will see will be out of a train window. Paris to Chamonix-Mt Blanc will thake 6.0hrs by train. Chamonix-Mt Blanc to Nice will take 9.5hrs-11.0hrs depending on the run you choose. There will be 3-5 train changes along the way. Nice to Milan will take 5.0hrs. For a 3-day and 2-night journey, you will be involved with the trains or train stations about close to 24 hours.

Posted by Tom
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With that complicated a train trip, you might want to consider flying for your Chamonix to Nice leg. The closest international airport to Chamonix is Geneva (103 Km). Easyjet or Swiss Air will fly you from Geneva to Nice in an hour. Current one-way price is in the $70 range.

Posted by Doug
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Thanks Larry......that clears things up quite a bit!

Posted by Larry
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Your welcome Doug. I can link you to sample schedules if you would like to see them. The suggestion above about flying from Geneva to Nice is interesting. There is a van service that departs Chamonix every 45 minutes for the Geneva airport. Travel time is about 45 minutes. Here's a link to the van's website. http://www.chamexpress.com/?gclid=CNiC1-rTxLECFWIGRQodNBgA7w BTW, loved Chamonix-Mt Blanc.