Rail Pass or Purchase Tix Separately?

Hi All! My fiance and I will be on our honeymoon this June! We are getting married in Varenna Lake Como and then traveling Italy for a 3 week honeymoon. We are very excited and have all our places booked but interested to hear advice on the best way for us to travel. Here is our itinerary: Milan to Varenna Varenna to Cinque Terre (sounds like this needs to stop in Milan?) Cinque Terre to Florence (renting a car and driving to Tuscany from here)
Florence to Priano (amalfi coast) We want to use trains as much as we can, but wanted to know if you think it's best to get a rail pass for 4 travel days or to purchase tickets separately? Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance! Chris

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Chris: Train fares are relatively low in Italy, and people just buy point to point train tickets there.
You'd do better to not take a car into Florence. Consider picking up the rental car on the way out of Florence and taking trains previously. Hertz has a location 2 miles north of the train station @ 53 Via del Sansovino, and they can give you directions to get out of town without getting near the ZTL. You can possibly get the same Hertz car thru AutoEurope.com for less. Earlier today, there was a dialogue about getting married in Europe. You might want to check if getting married there is legal for two non-residents. It seems as if relatively few places will legally marry two Americans. I sure hope you're also going to take in the incredible tourist sites in Rome before going down to Naples/Pompeii/Amalfi Coast. It's a must see.