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Rail Gift Card

I want to purchase a rail gift card as a christmas present for my son living in Amsterdam. Is this possible? What companies? Thanks,

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Hi Jezanzi,

I would start at (the Deutsche Bahn site) and go from there. They do have a discount card that you might be able to purchase for someone else, if not a strict gift certificate.

If only for travel in the Netherlands, try NS.NL.

The Man in Seat 61 site may have good info as well. At the least, it is an interesting site. (

The VISA gift cards are accepted across Europe and that could be an alternative idea.


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Might it be easier for you to have him buy a rail pass/ticket (or whatever) and you just pay that amount of his credit card bill?

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If only he knows what he needs, or perhaps he doesn’t yet, then I suggest cash as more flexible, sure to get used, and less likely to run into nonrefundability issues.

Available options also depend on the countries of travel. DB’s Bahn Card, for instance is for discounts on train tickets within Germany.

Rail passes are generally sold for either one country or most of Europe, and have specific time windows of use, most within two months.