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Rail Drive Pass users out there?

Please tell me if this is a good deal or the best option:
The Select Pass Drive for 3 days rail, 2 days car, 3 connecting countries is $744 for both of us and only 1st class option from RailEurope.
I tried pricing out tickets individually, but had a hard time finding my connections from start to finish.
1. Train from Varenna to Interlaken Ost in the am.
2. Train from Interlaken Ost to Beaune in the am.
3. Pick up car in Beaune and drop off in Auxerre.
4. Trian from Auxerre to Paris in the pm.
Is the Select Pass a good deal and will it give us discounts in the Berner Oberland?
I don't want to commit until I know that this is the way to go.

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