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Quick report: Checking in for Delta’s just-restarted SEA to PARIS nonstop

Delta just started this flight again last week. Although I was offered on-line check-in via email from Delta, it does not actually work - surely due to document check requirements.

We arrived really early for the 1pm departure. There was a long line for Main Cabin international check in - required if you’re checking luggage or even just doing carry on. We have Delta Medallion status so we got to skip it but there were easily 50 groups waiting in that line for Delta international flights.

Our line had only two groups ahead of us and it still took a good 15 minutes of waiting. Once up at the front, the Delta agent asked for our passports, our CDC vaccine cards and the French government’s attestation forms, which we were happy we had filled out in advance.

He then asked us for proof of COVID negative test and I pointed out that they aren’t required for us for France. He checked his screen, agreed, and gave us boarding passes.

Security was quick and totally normal.

We’re off! I’ll post any other really helpful transit details here if they come up.

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Travel safely and thank goodness you knew your stuff to tell that agent !

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Now I get to congratulate you on a trip! Have fun!

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And now I’ll update you from the comfort of our little hotel room in Paris! The rest of the Delta flight was uneventful. Boarding just required the typical boarding pass and passport. Immigration in Paris was a request for passport, CDC vaccine card and that’s it. We offered the Attestation forms but they were refused - so for us, at least, only Delta looked at them in Seattle.

Our hotel asked for our Pass Sanitaire at check in. We have them - and we’re quite proud of them since we worked REALLY hard to get them. The desk clerk was very happy we had them.

@Everyone - Thanks for all the good wishes!!! I was just so happy to be back as we pulled away from CDG.

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Thanks for the updates. As always, looking forward to your trip report! Enjoy.

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Hi Valerie! Here “we” are, off again! I’m happy to hear it was a breeze through your departure and subsequent arrival in Paris. Can’t wait to see your newest blog! Have a most awesome journey (I already know you will)!