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Question regarding Atlanta and Schiphol airport

We're flying from StL to Amsterdam with a 2 hour layover in Atlanta. I figure we'll land at a domestic terminal in Atlanta but then will have to switch to an international terminal to get to Amsterdam. My question is, how do we get to that terminal and would we need to go through security again?

Then once we are in Amsterdam what do we do before we can be on our way? Immigration? We'll need to get tickets for the train ride to Amsterdam or is a bus cheaper?

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I believe you will in fact need to exit the Atlanta Terminal to get to the international terminal. This is by shuttle bus. This is even though the gates of the international terminal are located in their old positions in the domestic terminal building, but not accessible from there. I might be corrected by someone who has better knowledge. I do know to exit the International Terminal to get to the parking facilities in the old terminal, you must take a shuttle van from one to the other. No sane reason for this I am sure. And yes, you will need to go through security if in fact you exit the domestic terminal to get to the international terminal.

Note: Google How To Get From Domestic Terminal Atlanta to International Terminal in has the nitty gritty

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Just follow the signs when you get off your plane in Atlanta. You are not the first person to make the change. In Amsterdam you will go through immigrations (passport check, etc.) and then customs. The line for immigrations could be short or long depending on number of planes that landed at nearly the same time. Customs in Europe is a simple walk through the green door that says, "Nothing to Declare." Train or bus about the same cost. It is a short ride.

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I flew from Albany to CDG last year via Atlanta. I don't recall going through security multiple times (I could be wrong). I did take a train from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. As i recall it was the last stop. I am sure others can give more detailed information as this is the only time I have been through Atlanta.

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In general, when going through or exiting airports, just follow the signs and the other passengers. Even if you've studied in advance where to go, it can be different when you actually get there, for a variety of reasons (for instance, if your plane has to use a different gate or terminal from the usual one, or if there's construction).

Here's the Atlanta airport's official website; you are "Passenger Category 4" since you are arriving on a domestic US flight and transferring to an international flight. It says you will not have to go through security again:

As for whether to take the bus or train in from the Amsterdam airport, both are pretty cheap, so choose whichever one gets you closer to your hotel. If you're not sure and it doesn't say on the hotel's website, e-mail them to ask for directions.

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You should be able to stay airside at ATL (within security) and not be re-screened. When you arrive in Atlanta you need to check the terminal and gate of your departure. I have seen flights to Europe which did not use the International terminal. (It all depends...check the monitors when you arrive in ATL).

Then you take the Plane -Train (underground subway) to your correct departure terminal. A,B,C D or International.

From your arrival gate follow the crowd down stairs to the Plane Train.

Exiting the airport in AMS is a pretty quick and easy process. Should not take long ... after you get any baggage from baggage claim. If you only have carry-on you are ready to go in minutes depending on how many people there are in front of you for the passport check.

Where are you headed in Amsterdam???

If you are going to a hotel there is a good bus shuttle service that will take you door to door (selected hotels). I have used it very easy to use. I think it is called Connex. Google the AMS website to find their booth location. Get directions / suggestions from your hotel.

Other wise the train station is downstairs from the main reception hall. Tickets via a machine and ticket booth.

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thank you, everyone.....checking out the website Harold posted as I type!

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If I am not mistaken, when I flew domestically to ATL, then on to Spain, I stayed airside the whole time. There is a train that runs between terminals and is inside security. I don't recall doing security again in ATL before heading on to Spain.

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You might not need to go to the International Terminal (by the same shuttle train as all the other domestic terminals). International departures often leave from domestic terminals. Confirm with Delta (assume that is the carrier). They might not even know, as gate arrivals and departures change daily.
Here is the map:
Security is coming from the check-in desks, not the E-F connector.

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@Robert, we are.staying 2 nights at Hotel Brouwer on the should be minutes from Amsterdam Central. I will check my email from the hotel folks.....they may have given directions from Amsterdam Central.

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Check out The company name is Connexxion. I did not see your hotel on their list of hotels they serve.
If your hotel is near the Amsterdam Central of course the train is possible.

However after a long overnight flight a shuttle service may be less stressful.And door to door. IMO.
I am sure the train would cost less.

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Yeah, ATL only has one airside area shared by everyone and it's all connected by in-house subway or walkway. You actually can get between E and F terminal by foot if you want to stretch your legs but it's not well-signed. You just have to go 'Up' where the first passageway for TABCDE ends, walk toward where F terminal is, and then you'll see stairs to the left to take you under the apron eventually.

I'm glad it's all interconnected because IMO, the food gets better the closer you get towards F terminal, the crowds get smaller (A,B, and C terminals are often cramped zoos) and there's an interesting display of items seized by US Customs- lots of ivory and other endangered species product- somewhere out by E-F.

Yeah, I've spent enough time there over the years to first make my peace with the ATL and eventually come to like how efficient the layout really is.

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You're approximately 500 yards from the Amsterdam train station. You can see the layout on Mapquest or

The train goes from the basement of the Schiphol airport straight to the central train station--about 10 minutes.

If you're traveling light and have a rolling bag, the train would be a good way to get into the city.