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Purchasing airfare with euros....(on foreign air carriers)

I just purchased tickets on Level Airlines for a trip to France in the spring.
I always switch overseas airlines websites to $USD when looking at airfares, This time we were ready to book and when I went on the airlines website it automatically quoted in Euro's. So I took a moment and converted the amount into USD using my app and noticed that the fare was much cheaper. Booked it using Euros saved about us $60 on these tix as our CC has no foreign transaction fees! I'll pay more attention on future flights! I noticed it was cheaper to book Easyjet using euro's too.

Just nice to know!

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have you ever used Easyjet before?, I use them several times a year and they are great but remember to check that you will have to pay for checked baggage, for selected seats and for food on board.

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Easyjet like most airline websites defaults to the currency of your starting airport. UK to Germany return - £ (GBP). France to UK return - € (EUR).
With European currencies it usually doesn't make much difference which one you choose, I just leave it as the default. Easyjet doesn't fly to the US and doesn't have a presence there so that is probably incurring them more bank charges.

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I use easyjet and ryanair all the time over there. Always use carry on. One time checked a bag with many bottles of wine to bring over to England from France to share with family there. It cost a little, but was worth it!

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We've used EasyJet many times. When they say one carryon, they mean one carryon--including a backpack or purse. They go everywhere out of Gatwick, and we're thankful to have'em.

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Google “ dynamic conversion “ there’s your explanation !