pueblos blancos in andalusia

Does anyone have any comprehensive information about getting from Algeciras to Arcos de le Frontera by bus, and from Arcos to Ronda? Thank you. Tim

Posted by Neil
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Yes, I have the info. but you have two posts which appear to contradict and I am not minded to spend time on providing the detail and you again throw in another idea. You may think me harsh, but I am not sorry to say, if you (and like many others) had done simple research with a guide book or on line you would already have the answers. What is your true itinerary? I am happy to help, but only if you commit.

Posted by jeff
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i took the train from sevilla to cordoba to ronda to malaga. then onto madrid. i thought it was fine with some transfers in bobadilla. i probably killed that name. sorry. lots of bus opportunities in each city. have fun, be safe.