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Public Transportation in Milan, Italy

I am going to Milan this July. I am arriving by train to the central station. At present I am staying at a Marriott hotel which does not have transportation to the airport. So I am trying to figure out how I can get from the hotel to the airport early in the morning without taking a $100 cab ride. Can you give me any help?

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Angie - google malpensa airport. When you are on the website there is a link to the "malpensa express" trains. Easy as pie. Have fun!

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...... except that the trains leaves from the other station on the west side - at the moment cannot remember the name. Only a shuttle bus runs from the Central Station. About 45 minutes but I don't know the schedule.

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I just researched all this!! has bus shuttle service from all three airports. I think Malpensa is about 5 Euro, Linate 3 Euros and Bergamo 7 Euros. You don't say what airport you are flying into. There is Malpensa Express which is a train to Milan costs 11 Euros. There is also Malpensa Shuttle which is bus service to Milan. costs 5 Euros. For Bergamo there is also the Orio Bus Shuttle costs 7 Euros. Finally for Linate you can take the ATM city buses for 1 Euro. I think it is Bus #73.

Lots of options!! Milan has excellent public transportation.


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I took the Malpensa shuttle bus from the airport to Milan, cheap, efficient (only downside: the bus driver liked bad American 80s rock music). The timetables on the website imply early departure times

If you're worried about safety, I'd take a cab from hotel to shuttle bus, then shuttle to airport. Traffic shouldn't be too horrible depending on how early in the a.m. you are going.

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shuttle bus from main train station to airport is great, and it is just outside of the train station.