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private car from Sorrento to Rome

There are four of us who will be in Sorrento and we want to get to Rome. Does anyone know of a way to arrange a driver with a minivan to take us by car? We will have luggage so we need a small minivan instead of a car. Does anyone know of the approximate cost to have a driver take us to Rome? It seems that train tickets are approximately $100pp. Thanks, Adria
Los Angeles, CA

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Where are you getting your ticket prices? Not from Rail Europe, I hope. Traveling next week I am find prices from 22 to 45E which is roughly $30 to $63. If you are traveling later and can take advantage of the mini fares it would be about half of that. My guess is a private car and driver would be in excess of 300E, or closer to $450. That is based on knowing the rate from Civit... to Rome, which is half the distance, is around 150E. There is also a direct bus between Rome and Sorrento which would be cheaper than the train but don't know the schedule.

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You could ask for quotes from these Sorrento companies. Have only used Di Martino myself for getting from and to Naples airport with no problems but the others are also established companies. These are the two bus companies that run between Sorrento and Rome. The first site is easier to use, it has an English version!

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I'm with Frank on this; if you can purchase them early enough, you can travel for as little as 9 Euro p/ the few Euro b/n Naples and Sorrento. The private driver would be VERY expensive, from my reading experiences...

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Adria, here's a company a friend of mine used for a similar trip: . I really don't know much about them other than you enter your route and then independent contractors will email you their proposals. My friend got 10+ replies, researched a few on the web, and then choose one. He said that the prices were ALL across the board. He told me later he was quite happy with his choice. You might get proposals from the same folks that Linda recommended! At least you'll get a few estimates... That said, I'm in agreement with the train guys... I'd be taking the train on this route. It's faster and certainly less expensive.

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We used a private driver service a few years ago, from Rome to Sorrento. Cost us 360 euros. From what I've heard the cost these days is north of 400 euros. It's about a 4-hour drive. I will say that the drive was a lot of fun because our driver had a lot of personality and was a talker, and we learned a lot about that region of Italy.