Price of Tickets Today - New Years Day

Hi everyone, My husband and I have been to Europe a few times; we plan on returning to Italy this May. I urged him to buy our tickets before the new year because they were consistently roughly $1300 each. I feared that the new year would see an increase in prices. They are now up to nearly $1600 each this morning. Has anyone else experienced this? Will they likely go down again, or does the new year mean an increase in fees, etc....? We are not the type that can wait to buy tickets until right before the trip....I'm too much of a planner and everything else is already booked. Any thoughts/tips appreciated! (I realize no one can predict the future) Forgive my ignorance if this is a silly question :) Thanks!

Posted by Katie
Madison, WI
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p.s. We try to only fly Delta for mileage purposes, so sites that alert you to different fares aren't all that helpful....

Posted by Ed
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It's not stupid, it's just that nobody knows the answer, not even the airlines since the whole mess is run by computers. All you'll get is guesses or what somebody saw last year . . . . or seven years ago. You might be making a mistake by trying to stick to one carrier for a nebulous purpose. Why build points (of X value) when you can check in at the next counter and save 2X?

Posted by Russ
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Where are you looking? What dates, airports? I see May options with decent connections for Chicago-Milan for around $1,000 on SAS and others.