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Possible to travel from Northern Italy to UK by bus?

Hello all,

I've spent an awful lot of today trying to figure out how usable the bus system in Europe is. Unfortunately the eurolines site hasn't been very kind to me ("The system cannot find the file specified" for ALL of Italy..), so I'm looking for help from any willing graffiites. I read in the 2009 guide that there is a cheap bus ride to London from Paris (again, couldn't figure this out in English on eurolines), so I'd Love to know how this is possible.


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495 posts works fine for me for fare searches but assumes you are starting in the UK so the routes are possible you'll just need to find a way to book a reverse route. The problem is there isn't really a European bus system, Eurolines is just a portal to a selection of private bus providers that are commercial partners.

The trip London-Paris was showing prices as low as £10 but he trip took 9.5 hours. Italy is a lot further, London-Rome showed up as a 33 hour long trip.

Unless you have a lot of time or really like coaches flying might be a better option.