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Possible Global Entry inteview appointment workaround

According to the Points Guy, while New Yorkers can no longer apply for GE, the interview centers in NY are still open and have plenty of appointments. This may not last long except they will probably still do "interviews on arrival" as long as you are not a New Yorker.

So, if you are in the NY area or plan to be there, you could look into this.

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Yes, it’s just about impossible to schedule an interview outside New York. But you could try walking in and taking your chances. For what it’s worth, here’s what I did last August.

I showed up at SFO around 8am midweek armed with the following:

  • books and snacks to last all day if necessary
  • positive attitude
  • low expectations

A roving employee with a clipboard was checking applicants in and accepting walk-in requests.

My name was called after about 90 minutes.

So if you can spare some time -- which might not turn out to be much -- you could try this approach. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Does anyone else have an experience to report?

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my local airport was not taking appointments for a year. So I looked at other easy to fly places that I could get in. PHX had appointments in Jan-Feb. So I booked Feb to combine with some College baseball. The appointment too less than 5 minutes. The fingerprints seemed to be the main reason for in person. They were not busy at all. My plane landed & I had about 2 hours before my appointment. Collected my bag & walked over. After about 10 minutes the officer calls me in & I'm done.

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I got mine at JFK on my way home from Greece. The website said I didn't need an appt. They said I did, but still took me soon enough that I made my flight to Atlanta.

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Know that the interviews are done landside so if you have the time to wait and then go through security once again, why not do it.

Keep in mind, representatives from the state of New York are meeting with representatives from the federal government to iron this out as the reason this started is that New York State is the only state in the union to shield DMV data from Federal government agencies that are investigating terrorist cells, horrific violent crime, etc perpetrated by both legal residents and illegal aliens.

If you have the opportunity to go to any of the NYC interview centers both at JFK and in the city as well as the entire state of New York while this block is taking place, do it. Take advantage of that opportunity! 👍👍

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I did my renewal last year up arrival at JFK. Mine was done just after I passed through immigration but before customs. This was at either Terminal 7 or 8. I guess it is different at each terminal.