Point to Point or Pass

I am having a great dilemma regarding train travel. Here is our itinerary: 1)For a family of 4 (possibly 5) we need to get from Rome to Sirmione. 2)From Sirmione we'd like to visit Venice for a day or two but traveling back to our hotel in Sirmione. 3) From there we are heading to Fussen. From Fussen we are heading to Austria to our timeshare about an hour outside of Salzburg. We'd like to travel to Salzburg and Hallstat and who knows where else. We've been told we need a car to get to the timeshare as there are no trains in this town. Car is our last choice so we'd probably just use it to get to the train station. Do we buy point to point tickets when we get to each place or buy a pass ahead of time? If so which type of pass is cheapest?

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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point to point tickets are usually always cheaper. Just buy when you get there.

Posted by kristen
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Even if we are going end of July/Aug? Will we face long lines buying tickets? Will trains be sold out?

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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You can avoid lines by buying your tickets from the vending machines. The only times a pass is better than point to point tickets is for a REALLY long travel leg or because the pass gives you another valuable benefit you plan to take advantage of. I've cut long travel legs out of my itineraries so haven't bought a pass in at least ten years.