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Perplexing SNCF Ticket pickup - credit card issue

I usually know what I am doing, but had an unusual problem come up today. I bought my TGV tickets to pick up in France - did it in French as I read reasonably well - and know that I have to have that same credit card with me to pick it up. I can pick up from the kiosk or the window. The site is quite firm on the point. No problem, right?

Today, I received an email from my MC issuer that many accounts were compromised last January and they are still having to cancel accounts. Mine is one of these. So, they are unbending and my card will be canceled in 20 days - before my trip - and they are Fedexing me a new one.

Can I take a deactivated old credit card with me to show that I have it and get my ticket from the ticket window instead of the kiosk? All I see on the website is that if you no longer have the card, Lost, stolen or reissued, the only solution is to cancel your reservation and rebook. Naturally, my ticket is non-cancelable/non-refundable.

Any thoughts?

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I picked up my Eurostar tix in London St Pancras recently using a cancelled card; it was the card I had used to purchase the tix but had been replaced due to a fraud alert.

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And I once picked up tickets at an SNCF ticket window with an cancelled and expired card. The clerk said, that the computer did not check if the card is expired or cancelled. So I think, that it's possible as long as you still keep the card! You have to go to a real manned ticket window, though.

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I also managed to get Eurostar tickets with my expired card in Paris (but not for TGV).

The best case scenario is that your old card will work, as the kiosk will simply read the number on it to find the reservation. It probably does not check its validity because it doesn't need to bill any money on it.

The SNCF clerks can do everything with their machines. So as a worst case scenario you can walk to the window and show your confirmation email, your old card, an ID with the same name on it, and they'll get your tickets printed.

If you want to be sure, you should be able to email their online support.

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Hmmm, I just printed mine here.

Went to the website, logged in as a person from Great Britian, and printed them on my printer.

No waiting in presenting my card.

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Sometimes you can print from SNCF, sometimes you can't (I've done it both ways). And you have to choose the print option, when it's available, when you purchase the tickets.

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Not all fares on the TGV site allow you to print your tickets out a home. Sometimes you no choice but to pick the tickets up at the station.

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Thanks for all of the input. I am encouraged to hear that some people have gotten their tickets by showing their non-working card.

I was not given the option to print at home, or I would have absolutely selected that option.