Payment for Train Tickets

Hi All, Having issues with my credit card being accepted - Amex and Visa - both companies say it is not on their end (go figure). The site I'm using ('t allow payment to go through. The last tickets I purchased I had to use PayPal which is fine, but now I am in need of booking a Monday train out of Geneva and want to ensure I have tickets. The site still won't accept either of my cards and PayPal is not an option. HELP!

Posted by H J
LaGrange, Ga, USA
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Da;; your bank to be sure they are not blocking the transaction Does your card have the "verified by...." (visa on mine) that may help. I was able to purchase tickets in Spain (not where you are going admittedly) easily tonight with these attributes. Good Luck.

Posted by Michele
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Yes, I have contacted my bank/CC company and they say it is not them. Absolutely frustrating. Thanks though and glad you were able to secure your tickets.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Even though they say its not them, I expect that it is either your computer or the credit card / bank. It is possible that even though they say, not me, that they haven't removed the international fraud flag on your cards. You need to explicitly tell them that you are about to make a transaction in ________ country, before you try to make that transaction. Also, after you have had problems with a purchase like that it is best to clear your cookies and history. Sometimes the websites will find a cookie that points to a failed transaction and cause the subsequent ones to fail. People here have reported better success after waiting 24 hours since a failure. Good luck ...