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Passport stamping.

We've tried to find an answer to this but to no avail.
A Bangladeshi passport holder living in the uk flies to Netherlands then on to Italy, then flies back to the uk.
Is the passport stamped at all?
Specifically flying into Italy or back into the UK.
If they happen to fly back to the UK from the Netherlands instead, would there be a stamp then?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Since the UK was never a part of the Schengen visa agreement, passport checks always take place between UK/Netherlands and between Italy/UK and that transfer info gets recorded in electronic databases. Actual, physical stamping of the passport is not mandatory, and sometimes gets skipped, but if the traveler is standing there in front of the immigration officer, he can ask for a stamp.

Between the Netherlands/Italy, there is no passport control built into the air or land transportation process. Both are part of the Schengen zone which almost acts as "one country" for the purpose of visas and passport control.

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Yes. You are stamped on entering and leaving the Schengen Area
You are stamped on entering (but not leaving) the UK.
So 3 stamps: Landing in the Netherlands; taking off from Italy and landing back in the UK. No stamp between Netherlands and Italy as they are both in the Schengen Area.

"If they happen to fly back to the UK from the Netherlands instead" - yes, because that is where you are leaving the Schengen Area.

EXCEPT: The Schengen Area is moving over to recording arrivals and departures electronically. I am not sure when that will be implemented, once it is, no stamps for the Schengen Area.

AND, most important, a Bangladeshi passport holder needs a visa to enter the Schengen Area. You need to apply for this to the embassy of the first Schengen Area country you will be visiting (Netherlands)