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Parking near Seatac Airport

We are traveling for three weeks at the end of June and are planning to park our car for the duration near the airport. Does anyone have suggestions for a good lot?

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I think I would try to get a friend or relative to drop off/pick up at the airport, 3 weeks is a long time to pay for just leaving your car in a spot. If your flight is early in the morning, I might stay at a hotel the night before that will drop you at the airport (but still have someone else bring you down there).

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Even at the cheapest airport parking I'm aware of ($6/day at Long Beach), 3 weeks is awfully expensive. Even if you can't find someone to take you, think about taking a taxi or shuttle - it will still cost money, but surely not as much as parking at the airport!

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I have flown out of SeaTac a couple of times and we spent the night at a hotel before we left that offered parking if we were flying. That means it was in a monitored (though not guarded or "secure") lot. Since you are closer that might not be as good a deal for you unless you are flying very early. I think it is worth it if your have to be there before 10 since getting from Monroe to South Seattle anytime before 10 a.m. is soooo slow.

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For that duration, I'd recommend having someone drop you off pick you up first. Second choice would be hiring a shuttle (even a town-car where it's just you would likely be cheaper).
If you must park near the airport, my preferred lot is Shuttle Park 2 ( They've always been a good place, offer you a bottle of water on pick up and drop off, and they have a points club which you can earn points redeemable for future value in parking (which I have taken advantage of in the past). They have a coupon rate at their site for $8.27/day, which is $57.89/week. Their standard weekly rate is $65 without the coupon. I'm a AAA member and their rates the last time I parked there about a year ago were a little better than the coupon rate.
If you're a AAA member, I'd recommend giving them a call.

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Contact one of the hotels by the airport that has a shuttle to the airport. Some airports will let you park your car at the hotel while you are on vacation if you spend the night before your trip.

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Hi Darby, it may be too late but we use Shuttle Express towncar service (from our house in lynnwood) it costs $75.00 one way. (But if you are gone for 15 days at $10.00 a day you would pay the same amount.) I have been using them for a number of years for both work trips and vacations. In addition upon your return the driver meets you at the baggage claim helps with your luggage and you are quickly on your way home, with only one stop your house.

Website is

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I'd take the shuttle if you can't get a friend to take you.

In addition to the expense of parking, you don't want the experience my family had of flying back from Florida, landing at 10pm, and finding the car wouldn't start. By the time they were able to get someone from the parking garage over there to give them a jumpstart and get home, it was nearly 1am. That was one trip I'm glad I missed!