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Parking Apps in Germany-Paying for street parking

Seattle uses parking apps to pay/monitor time left. Germany has some, too. Is there one that is better than others? Or, what is the common way to pay, and will we need a lot of change?! We will park in hotel parking areas for the most part, but if we do a day trip elsewhere, I'd like no hassles. Do the car companies still give you a clock timer thingee for the window?
Thank you in advance!

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I would probably not bother with parking apps. I personally use EasyPark, but only under special circumstances (like when I do not know how long I will stay parked, because it is easy to extend) -- they usually charge more than the normal rate because of their service charge.

Most commonly, you pay at a little machine on the street/in the parking area, and then you put the ticket inside of your car, on the driver side. The machines all take coins, and I have not seen one in a while that does not take cards (but I do not know if they take credit cards or only our German debit cards, actually?).

I cannot answer about the Parking Disk, but you can buy them at petrol stations usually, especially the big ones by highways and so.