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Paris: transfer from Beauvais to CDG

We will be flying Ryan Air from Rome to Paris which arrives at Beauvais Airport and then making connections to fly home from CDG Airport. Has anyone done this before? I understand there is a bus from Beauvais that takes you into Paris and a bus (Air France?) that takes you from Paris to CDG. But how do you make connections in Paris?

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4555 posts soon as you get off the plane, one of you should head out the small airport's front door and hang a right to the bus ticket office to avoid the lineups. The cost is 13 Euro per person. You can buy them on-line and avoid the lineups, at Once you've your tickets and luggage, get on the first bus loading, and you'll be first off. Once under way, the trip takes about 90 minutes, and you'll bet let off in a giant bus parking lot in northwestern Paris, at Porte Maillot. You can catch the Air France bus there as it makes its way from L'Etoile out to CDG...40 minute travel time, if no traffic jams. It makes the run every 15 minutes from 5:45 am to 11 pm....cost is 13 euro one way, per person, and you can buy from the driver. Check Check with the guys at the entrance gate to see where you can catch it. This'll be quite a journey!

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Thanks Norm. This is exactly what I needed.